Decentralized Identity
and Naming Services on

Your Sui Username

No more complex wallet addresses, Use your Names instead And login, trade and store assets easily across entire Sui Ecosystem

What can you do with Sui Id

Easy Login and Payment

A single step login and easy P2P token transfers with your Sui Name across all Protocols and Dapps in Sui Ecosystem

Store Your Assets

All your token and NFT assets across all your wallets on a single ID dashboard

Web3 Credentials

Store your Sui Web3 Credentials and Soul Bound Tokens in your ID

Multi Wallet Identity

Add any number of wallets in your ID

How Sui Ecosystem can utilize Sui Names

Easy onboarding

Provide easy onboarding to all your users with their Sui Names

Issue Credentials

Issue Credentials for multiple purposes easily in form of SBTs

Manage your users

Manage all your users through their IDs on a single Dashboard

Payment Infrastructure

Implement simple P2P payment infrastructure in your Dapp